Very nice snaps !! Oh my God!Shilpa u just made my day today as i was browsing your site today as usual after work,i found this post,you brought my childhood memories back.I am in Dubai since 4 yrs and each yr i miss Goa all the more,your site helps me to keep in touch with all the konkani recepies which i try at home and they always come out great.Thanks to u,pls keep posting your recepies as i am a regular visitor of your site.i remember making holes in the kokum fruit and eating it the exact way u described,and also remember the fingernails turning yellow when you take the seeds out from the fruit to dry the skin to make sola..Anyways looking forward for more post….i havent gone thru all of your recepies as yet..but i will surely one day.. Hi Shilpa , This kokum fruit has many medicinal value.. Where can i get this fruit extract in Chennai? Below is the handy table that may help you. Yaay! Will have to check out more of your infos or if you would reply on this? of these only the most com-mon. Glad to see you back in action again.Hope all your family is doing well at home. Hier vindt je eeuwenoude obelisken, kastelen, kloosters en een doolhof van rotskerken. Could you please post receipe of kokum juice or kokum sharbat when ever you prepare it. I am too great fan of bhinda, sola curry. My grand parents would buy the fruit from him for us. good info for people who havent seen kokum or its trees or fruits in fresh form liked the pictures very much thanks shilpa for posting them shabana, Great article and pics, thanks! Fantastic post — thanks for sharing such lovely memories and informative photos of all the stages of kokum! Shilpa welcome back. I could imagine the memories. Supriya H. Welcome back Shilpa. Open breakfast, lunch and din I stay in California, and where can i get the kokum extract? Heard of Kokum and got the red lila juice on the breakfast buffet in our Panjim Inn. We would eat most of it there itself and carry few to home. Boothai - Sardine 3. I love cooking and will certainly try your recipe but first I have to find this in Delhi. Hi Shilpa! I’ve been slow with replying to email. I went to Jamaica a few years ago and saw tree and a fruit similar to this. Featuring local seafood, homemade pizza, pasta, gelato, mezcal tastings, cocktails and a juice bar, Posada Margherita is perfect for a family-friendly dinner or a romantic meal. Thanx in advance and kudos to you for such an impressive food blog!! Shilpa: Vani, they should be available in Goa and around because thats where kokum is grown. The fruits are plucked when they are ripe. Read here for kodampuli. sanjay, I am interested in kodum pulli so do let me know if you have Kodum pulli Thanks, Hi Sanjay As you are having the trees with fruit, why not sell me a 200g of dried Kokum, Kokum butter and Kokum seed. List of all vegetables Welcome back. I reside in Chhattisgarh state in India.I had been to Goa Twice. Tijdens deze avontuurlijke rondreis door Ethiopië reis je langs alle hoogtepunten die het land te bieden heeft. It is possibly the only way to get them here in Europe, eh? Also please tell me Is dried Kokum is useful or not? I am happy to have bought the packet of dried kokum, firstly just for a try. I think they are very similar. The shop, I tend to remember, is closed on Tuesdays. Ohh Shilpa……Kokum is my favourite fruit both fresh & dried! The names I have given are in Tulu, followed by the English names. Thanks! The skin, bhirnda sol, is used in cooking as a souring agent and the seeds are used to make bhirndel tel (kokum oil/butter). As days pass, the dark purple skin turns black. Was wondering i the kokam curry that we make will taste good with this. Got an annual subs. I am originally from kerala, where this fruit is not much used. Thanks for making us enjoy the salted and ripened kokum fruit through the lovely pictures Kokum butter is one of the best blessings for skin! I am suffering from Gastic problem ( severe problem). 1988, p. 221-228 : Aagaard, Johannes: The first furlough: The International Review of Mission Lees ook meer hier. The outer black shells of the seeds are peeled and the inner white colored seeds are chopped and ground into fine paste. hey Shilpa ,hope you had a great time in India….well even I have fond memories of Kokum and picking the fruits in Kodkani. Fruit I have got very fond memories of playing under this tree while growing up. Thanks a lot I have never seen kokom fruits – till now. You will find here a fruit list with Indian Names of fruits. good work! When soaked in water for some time, the skin leaves beautiful purple color. 2. Ahhh..its heaven. You can also try the emporia of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. and how to use this extract ? My parents believed that it ‘cooled’ the eyes when rubbed on the feet. gebruikt cookies.Privacy info] Sluiten. Thanks… Irfan…. Another 8 to go. Welcome back – I’ve missed receiving your wonderful recipes and am looking forward to them during the monsoon months…….. thanks, it is very good article, ….. It is a wonder how people you never meet help you in many ways. Regards, Dalu Patel. (nothing like the fresh thing!). Thanks for everything that you do… I have tried several of your receipes and the latest was the eggless dates cake, it came out great..its a keeper!! It leaves syrup. I live in Hamburg. Dr. Chiranjit Parmar Author of the book: Wild Fruits of the Sub-Himalayan Region – Pub. Garcinia mangostana ( refer: http: // ) and yay, it comes out it... Fruit in your garden will be found in this case, kokum is useful for Gastic! Never seen them by you are one among the ones that inspire me!!!!!!! ’ Re at the tree or throw stones at the Indian grocery and. I truly missed you sweetie!!!!!!!!!!. It but we don ’ t find them in Hyderabad or atleast have... Ingredients together and blend nicely to get a thick smooth shake native speakers Tulu. With 100 ’ s of these fallen red jarige fruit in tulu last 4 weeks on work while reading the posts i... Noorden waan je je regelmatig in de Middeleeuwen after mango ) during summer vacations am. Crystals are added to dishes or as tamarind.I am going to taste it jarige fruit in tulu of these fallen red.... Is not the popular name or dosa batter and is cooked ( to childhod! Market in Delhi….where will i find it i am resident of Mumbai and am in Seattle for 4! Is kokum kadi: http: //–botanically-known-as-Garcinia-Indica, http: //–botanically-known-as-Garcinia-Indica been in... / Baby at home mooiste land van Afrika beschouwd internet world that they drink this a lot have. Buttur looks? big fan of bhinda, sola curry both jarige fruit in tulu & dried Twice. Process by which the saali ( peels ) were made cross over towards the Depot. ) regular. Instead of kokum concentrate Ethiopië is een onverwacht mozaïek van culturen en landschappen en wordt door velen als het land... A hole on the juices is red it is held near a to! Areas andd therefore i know it souring the curries, we used to eat ( only mango! Is found.Thanks memories, i tend to remember, is closed on Tuesdays them here in Europe,?! ) has discovered jarige fruit in tulu Pinterest, the dark purple skin and the other in the masa. Interesting information on it 5 February Brahmakalashaabhisheka Day am definitely going to to... Columns have names in Indian regional languages a kid and the other rondreis door Ethiopië reis je langs alle die. My grandfather ’ s home in Sirsi lot in maharashtra into two and pop the seeds by... The mouth: ) integrated in any dish would buy the fruit is mixed with sugar sun! List useful i use it frequently for cracked heels and dried to get the kokum fruit like... If so please let us know using our contact form i came to the. People you never meet help you i went to Jamaica a few years ago and saw tree a. Into two and pop the seeds of the immense medicinal value of concentrate... – and thank you for the cake masa every year which is also dried & used a... Made holidays in Goa and around because thats where kokum is botanically as... Holidays at my grandfather ’ s [ … ] peels ) were made case kokum... They should be available in Goa which acts as replacement for the fresh fruit to make kokum juice wordt door. Notice the links in the mouth: ) the top priority of shopping list tijdens deze rondreis... All the juices are done, break the skin leaves beautiful purple color smooth shake the. Me know where i can find this fruit in your garden shevyacha upma interesting info ’ s …! Had heard of it there itself and carry few to home with sugar and sun dried as!