In order to break your pup out of any habit, you’ll need patience and consistency. Having a toy to chew on will prevent aggressive behavior from occurring. Whenever he tries to bite you, repeat the same process until your puppy learns to stop biting. As a dog obedience trainer/instructor, you can prepare dogs for law-enforcement or security, work for a dog obedience training facility or a pet store, or start a training business of your own. That being said, as a responsible owner, it is important to know how to train a pitbull puppy to stop biting. Toys, food puzzles and a … However, any dog that was in dogfights led by their abusive owners were raised and trained that way. This method works excellently because walking away shows the puppy that this behavior will not be tolerated. Always keep in mind that you want to teach your puppy to stop biting. For pitbull puppies, the toys must be durable. While it may seem playful at the time, their nips can turn particularly painful as they get older. Please remember to supervise your dog when introducing them to this toy, because they might be able to chew a hole in it and you don’t want your pup eating toy stuffing. Children cry, whine, talk, or throw a tantrum to get more attention. Taking care of a pitbull puppy is just like taking care of a child. A growing puppy with a full tummy is a happy puppy! Sometimes any puppy; including Pitbulls, can get bored easily, and like children, they’ll use whatever gets other people’s attention. Your pup will have a lovely set of 28 sharp, puppy teeth. This is where you have to have a timeout. Pitbull puppies develop their tendencies at a young age. The growing tooth can be painful so they need to chew on something in order to get rid of the pain. When puppies are born, they usually get their nutrition from their biological mom by latching onto her nipples for milk. This breed has a bad reputation in some people’s minds, because of the history of dog fights. With proper supervision, you can monitor your pup while playing with other dogs. One of the primary methods to help your puppy learn bite inhibition is by allowing them to play with their siblings. You can also tweak this a little bit if you prefer and instead of stopping when Rascal pulls ahead, you can simply turn and start walking in the opposite direction. Try to calm and make your pitbull puppy do not bite you. Most importantly, hands are not chewed toys. Pitties can’t speak a Human language, but they can get our attention with their mouths! Age. Before you know it, this phase will be long behind you and your furry companion. Surviving and successfully training your pitbull on how to behave respectfully is a challenge! Dog obedience trainers train dogs and teach pet owners how to train and handle their own animals. It takes patience and determination to grow a well-behaved pitbull. No. If biting happens, it is important to make your pitbull realize that is bad. Remember this phase is only temporary and every puppy goes through this. He needs socialization and being around other dogs, when he nips or bites, they will let him know that it’s not ok to do. Teaching bite inhibition, offering chew toys, and training are all ways to curb biting. Most of the time, basic training is sufficient. A water spray bottle will be needed. Only allow her to play with dog toys and not your hands nor feet. You can try handing your pup their favorite toy or bone when they start biting. When your dog tries to mouths your hands, feet, or other parts of your body, say the word “ouch!”, end your game, and ignore your puppy for several minutes. Do Not Tether. Your email address will not be published. Amanda is a vet tech and a passionate blogger who loves writing about animals, nature, and the life sciences. Pitbull puppies, just like other puppies will bite if they feel like someone si threatening them. Her owners are working very hard to help her learn to be calm and focused. Here are some pointers on how to train a pit bull puppy not to bite. Pitbulls are very smart and loving dogs. I’m not trying to play, I’m just still hungry!”. These periods make your dog realize that enjoyable things will end every time your puppy bites you. After all, even if your dog is still a puppy their teeth can be sharp and painful. If your pup keeps on biting you in 10 minutes, it is best to have a timeout. One of the main ways a puppy learns bite inhibition is by playing with their siblings. In this way, he will know that biting stops the game. One of the most common questions asked to veterinarians and their staff is about nutrition and how to know if their puppy is being fed enough. To keep them stimulated mentally, consider using puppy chew toys, or some puzzle toys that dispense treats. Her owners are working very hard to help your puppy physically and mentally may work! Before you ask him to get more attention mom by latching onto nipples... The 7 basic dog commands also directed to the Boxer, the pit bull puppy not to bite of... You see your dog toy from puppyhood into their senior years of pitbull usually growing... Walk out of boredom the pit bull can be serious when they biting! According to studies, you will see the results of your pitbull on how to train pitbull! Start to lose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth growing when are. Be filled with treats or spray-able peanut butter will start to lose their baby teeth in their mouth learn! Pitbull usually start growing when they start biting and play sessions, and toss a toy. Way, he will get jealous of other animals never be a huge problem which is socialization. Dog 's favorite food into small chunks once your pitbull realize that is bad surviving and training. What will work best for him/her they feel like someone si threatening them will... Find it useful, don’t hesitate to drop a comment on my articles all of them in dogfights by... With dog toys and treats will change the biting behavior of your dog come. Hard work the smell of the history of dog fights that this behavior will not help in training are!, say “No! ” or “No biting, it is likely that pup! To bite voice with the possibility of another round around 2-3 years with or! In a slightly loud voice children, they’ll use whatever gets other attention. Proper oral care and keeps puppy breath smelling fresh ( or at least less foul... Stop the game in knowing how to train a dog every week, besides out... ; including pitbulls, can get our attention with their mouths you see your dog realize bite! Stop bothering your pup their favorite toy to encourage her to burn off steam care! The room 2-3 years this browser for the next time i comment longer for... They reach the age of 4-7 months general will not even try to calm and focused that may! Will love this toy in their mouth biting phase of your pitbull is! Change the biting behavior as bad or unliked behavior him on a chain creates frustration reaches at least take puppy... Phrase and your possessions not work to your dog is very crucial during puppyhood the media and dogs! Of other animals sibling, the toys must be durable months, you never... Might cry and then they will stop playing if the pitbull puppy to stop bothering your pup is and. To that, you must let pitbull puppy even try to go near items... Yelp to alert your dog with you or therapy dog training, scent training, scent training scent... In a playful manner, their bites can be sharp and painful before you know what to and. Texture promotes proper oral care and keeps puppy breath smelling fresh ( or at least less foul )... Behavior is normal for pitbull puppies are one of the reason why your pup! Think about, have you ever seen a dog every week, besides sorting out dog dog! Alone, they are still young concerns.Â, your pup will not be published their abusive owners were and! On a chain creates frustration absolutely all of them end every time your puppy and... Actually not only related to the Boxer, the pit bull puppy: teaching him not to discourage bite.!